About Basketfoot

This blog is about bringing you the latest news and stories from the world of football, basktball, and soccer. We will try our best to give you our opinion on the subject and to do so in a creative manner. It is also a Christian blog and will be used to share the love of Jesus Christ through sports. My three biggest passions are God, Writing, and Sports and I hope to combine all three of those with the use of this blog.

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2 thoughts on “About Basketfoot”

  1. Hi Basket Foot! Your blog is just what I need, and an answer to prayer. Some time ago God called me to get people praying for Christians who live life in the public eye; actors, musicians, politicians, athletes, etc. I have been gathering names for quite some time, but mostly just as they come to me, not as an outright search. A few weeks ago I began posting one of these names on a Twitter account set up specifically for prayer. I know there are many pro athletes out there who are Christians, but don’t follow enough sports to find them. I am going to check out your blog further, but would you be willing to help me out by giving me names as you become aware of them? My Twitter account is @ucprayernet. I also have some info written about it on a page linked to my blog. If you follow me on Twitter, you can pm me for more information. I am excited about the possibility of working with you to get some prayer support for our brothers and sisters in the sports field.

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