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Christian Athlete of the Week: Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson has a big game ahead of him on Sunday when his team takes on the division rival San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Conference Championship game. If the Seahawks win, it will be their second NFC championship win ever. All of this pressure must be building up on Wilson, but he is a man of faith and knows that the God he serves is bigger than any game he will ever play. He found that God when he was 14 years old.

“I had a dream that my dad passed away and that Jesus came into the room and he was basically knocking on my door, saying, ‘Hey, you need to find out more about me,’” Wilson said. “So that Sunday morning I ended up going to church and that’s when I got saved.”

Unfortunately, his dad actually did pass away six years later. Still, throughout his life and throughout all of the adversity, Russell Wilson has stood strong in his faith.

“No one can stop what God has for you,” said Wilson.

Being a 5’11 quarterback in the NFL, that’s saying something! Check out this video where Mars Hill Church Pastor Mark Driscoll interviews Wilson about his faith and trust in God.

Russell Wilson is a work in progress at quarterback; he still has things to work on until he becomes a great quarterback. However, he noted in the video that spiritually he is a work in progress like we all are. Wilson shows that even though you’re only 5’11, you were drafted in the third round, and you don’t have the big arm that every other quarterback has, God can still use you to impact a lot of lives. Both on the field and off the field, Wilson has impacted many lives in the city of Seattle. Due to a partnership with Russell Investments (a subsidiary of Northwestern Mutual), every touchdown that Wilson scores, passing or rushing, $2,000 will be donated to his charity that deals with youth activities in poor communities. It’s great to see a man like this helping out in the community and showing love to everyone around him like Jesus commands us to. Just because of the kind of guy Wilson is, I will be routing for him to win the NFC Championship game this Sunday. That, and it would be nice to see the Seahawks finally win a Super Bowl! Good luck to you Russell Wilson and God bless you!

Credit: seattle.cbslocal.com