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Christian Athlete of the Week: Drew Brees

Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints are expected to win the NFC South this year with a great roster and a great coaching staff. Brees has always been a consistently good quarterback in the NFL and one of the elite players at his position. The 35-year-old from Austin, Texas has had quite a prolific career with 51,081 yards and 363 touchdowns and he still has a couple of seasons left in him. He is obviously the leader of the Saints, with a Super Bowl win under his belt and breaking the passing yards record in 2011 and also broke Johnny Unitas’ record of throwing a touchdown pass in 48 consecutive games the very next season. His last three seasons have been terrific as he has thrown for at least 5,100 yards and 39 touchdowns every year. Brees’ stats are amazing, but what’s even more amazing is his faithfulness to God. Here’s a video clip of Brees sharing his testimony with a reporter:

Having Brees come from San Diego to New Orleans was a huge blessing for that city. Brees even said it himself that he was being “called” to go there. The quarterback has always tried to be a good example to his teammates and to the people of New Orleans. He is known to volunteer to help rebuild the city after hurricanes have come through over and over again. He is seen as a great man that has a heart and passion for the Lord for his work off the field in New Orleans.

At first, Brees did not want to get released by the Chargers, but he realized afterwards that it was God’s plan all along to have him serve at New Orleans.

“A year later, I thought, ‘God that was probably the best thing that happened to be,’ because otherwise I never would have had the opportunity to come here and be a part of this community and this rebuilding effort,” Brees said. (Credit: Christian Post)

Brees has done a lot in the New Orleans community and hopes to do more for them by winning some football games this upcoming year. It will be a tough division with the rise of the Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers right on their heels, but Brees is used to the pressure and has overcome many obstacles in his path before.

“Trust that He’s never going to put anything in front of you that’s too hard for you or He wouldn’t put it in front of you,” Brees said.